women empowerment

What some might call the local community, we call family, and family always supports one another. We take the responsibility to create opportunities by developing a scalable micro-franchising business model, providing women with comprehensive trainings and additional work streams. Our family shares our passion for crafting things beautifully; farmers cultivate and produce natural, wholesome ingredients, whereas women handcraft the delights of our homes with Levantine flavours and stories—which we proudly share on our dining tables.
these soft semolina cookies are filled with Levantine classics (date, pistachio, walnut) and Kama originals (caramel, lokum).
This Kama original puts a spin on a Levantine classic, filling these vine leaves with creamy strained yoghurt.
A harmony of flavours, these pickled baby aubergines are filled with crunchy walnuts, sweet bell peppers, and punchy garlic.
Made from strained fresh yoghurt, we carefully hand-roll and preserve this thick, creamy breakfast staple in olive oil.
This Kama original is a special take on the Levantine barazek, bringing almonds, pistachios and sesame together in these brittle delicacies.

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