about us

We at Kama are forever seekers of our homes’ delights. Inspired by the Bedouins’ scour of the arid sands in search for kama, the rare desert truffle that hides beneath the surface, we seek to unearth the treasures of our land. We launched in 2013 with a mission to build a genuine, universal, and premium brand, as we bring together food, culture, and design. We are dedicated to sourcing, producing, packaging, and promoting the finest of Levant’s delicacies, where food is at the centre of every occasion. We share the flavours of the Arab cuisine; the narratives that weave our culture; and the heritage that crafts our identity—extending our values of hospitality and generosity with the world at large.
At our core, we are deeply passionate about great food. Food is life – in the most literal sense – but it’s also a labor of love. We love natural, wholesome ingredients cultivated by local farmers and producers who share our commitment to quality. In addition to working with local farmers, we seek to empower local women and support local communities: most of our products are lovingly prepared and handcrafted by women working out of their own homes. At the end of the day, our goal is simple: we want to share delicious, authentic flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine with customers around the world.
Of course, our products reveal more than just the diverse flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine: they tell stories of people, places, and traditions, spanning back countless generations. The heritage of the region is interwoven with fragrant spices and decadent dishes, and by sharing these wonderful tastes with the world, we hope to remind people – both inside and outside the Middle East – of the way food unites us all.
At the end of the day, great design is our first love. We believe that food should look as great as it tastes, and that beautiful packaging and meticulous attention to detail are essential components of high-quality products. And it’s about more than just looking good: exquisite product design should be functional, practical, and purposeful. And, ultimately, it should put the products front and center. With our clean, well-considered, and simple-yet-intricate ethos, we aim to do just that.

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